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About Indigo

About Indigo Indemnity Protection

INDIGO has developed from lessons learned in the development of PRASIS a specialty specific mutual indemnity scheme for Plastic Surgeons. INDIGO’s Indemnity Insurance has been designed by surgeons and insurers who understand the unique surgical environment. It is also closely allied to the Confederation of British Surgery who provide practical support via the Surgical Advisory Service to assist clinicians in difficulty.

Working across all surgical specialties, this scheme has been specifically developed to provide greater security and sustainability compared with the major Medical Defence Organisations (MDO’s). Premiums reflect the individual’s scope of practice and professional behaviours, rather than their specialty group and income band alone. This enables INDIGO to arrange the correct cover at competitive prices.

The scheme is contractual and financially regulated rather than discretionary and unregulated in nature like the MDOs. It can include cover for cyber losses and for educational roles such as a Training Programme Director, Assigned Educational Supervisor and Clinical Supervisor. Currently none of these activities are at present covered by other insurers for NHS Trusts and Deaneries as they are discretionary.

Any quote is intended to be an accurate reflection of your previous practice and expected workload over the forthcoming year. It does not pound cost average your risk with others, nor does it include cover for procedures you specifically want to exclude. INDIGO Indemnity Insurance is customised to your requirements.

INDIGO Indemnity Insurance gives clinicians the cover they need. We can also provide cover to protect your income, liabilities, staff, properties and any other business or personal insurance you may need. Why not get a quote to see how we compare?