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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review common FAQ's below:

What level of premium reduction can I expect?

As with all schemes, there are individuals for whom the savings are fantastic.

The actual rate available will depend upon your individual circumstances. Please ask us for a personalised illustration.

Why are premiums lower?

The formation of a community of surgeons following a code of practice and aspiring to best practice lowers risk and reduces claims.

Is there recognition of a good claims record?

This is recognised when you are provided with a quotation. If this remains the case it will continue to be recognised at each renewal with further discounts applied as a part of the overall rating in future years.

I have had a number of successful claims against me – how will this affect my premiums? 

There is considerable evidence which shows that the number of complaints and claims against an individual doctor is predictive of the risk of future claims.  All forms of Insurance involve the transfer of risk and as with specialist surgical practice, specialist underwriters decide whether this risk is appropriate for them. Through its partner, Indigo has particular expertise in providing support for and obtaining terms for Surgeons who are experiencing difficulty in obtaining indemnity insurance through our standard scheme or MDOs.

What if my income changes?

Your income disclosure is based upon previous and predicted years income, so if your income disclosure is made in good faith and your income rises during a subscription year you will not be charged any additional premium

If your income falls significantly – such as if you are off work through illness then all concerned will do their utmost to accommodate your changed circumstances with a reduced premium.

Pregnancy and Maternity leave can be similarly accommodated.

What If I stop operating?

The standard Indigo policy carries 25 years protection (known as “run off”) for you and your estate with full £10 million cover which is market leading and not like other schemes where the cover drops to £1 million after variable periods of time.

You will still be able to undertake work for the NHS and Charity work overseas where indemnity cover is provided by the NHS or Charity scheme sponsor.

Who gives me medicolegal advice?

The standard Indigo policy utilises the services of Keoghs who are a national law firm with a specialist healthcare offering and who are recognised as a leading provider of legal services to the health sector .

In order to provide a more streamlined, personal and holistic support to members, Emily Borhan has been appointed as the Medicolegal advisor for INDIGO. Emily is a Senior Medical Negligence Advisor, with a wide experience of medical law, indemnity and medicolegal advice. She supported the early growth and development of Insurance based Indemnity schemes since 2013, and has assisted many members with a wide variety of medicolegal issues.